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Like people, every obydlo has its own story. Our intention is to design and build a house that matches your story.

Phases of creating an obydlo

Architectural study

We know how to design a home so that it is tailored for you. This is even more important in tinyhouses than in regular houses. In fact, even elements that are not really necessary for you can fit into a large house. Not into tinyhouse. That's why it's so important to trully know what you really need and what you don't.

We will be happy to guide you through the process of clarifying your needs and design a home where you have everything you need. The result will be a study of the arrangement of the interior and exterior space and its placement in the plot.

Based on the study, we will also establish a preliminary budget.


Project & Budget

The project is a particular elaboration of the designed obydlo into technical details , a clear specification of the materials used, particular technical solutions of individual parts. Especially with tinyhouses, it is again crucial to have everything precisely planned , because every centimeter counts and can make a difference in the comfort that the obydlo will provide you.

Based on the project, we will also give you a price budget , which will be binding for us during construction.

Projekt & Rozpočet

Building permit

Following information and services are only available in Czech Republic.

According to the Building Act, all tinyhouses, maringotkas and mobile homes fall into the category of "products fulfilling the function of a building. Basically the same rules apply to them as for non-mobile buildings.

A common mistake is that up to 25 m2 a building permit is not required. That's true, but only when it comes to land with already existing buildings .

In general, it can be said that mobile constructions move on the edge (often rather beyond the edge) of the building code and it depends on the specific official and sometimes also on the neighbors.

More detailed information can be found in the article on the website Dř

In Czech Republic we can completely arrange the building permit and everything related to it.

Stavební povolení


Our favorite part. Everything is thought out, agreed and planned. And we can start playing with our favorite materials and tools. This is the stage we love , which drives us forward and entertains us. 

  • We build from natural materials.

  • We enjoy precise craftsmanship . We do not compromise on the quality of processing.

  • We solve every detail from the point of view of building physics so that the building is functional and pleasant for life in the long term

  • We create a holistic design that combines function with beauty.



Tailor made . Tinyhouse must be like a tailored suit. The interior layout depends primarily on you. We will be happy to make you a huge kitchen unit or maybe a hot tub for 3. It depends on what exactly you want from the obydlo, how many of you will live in it and what materials and design you like.

We will make you sophisticated home furnishings , from folding tables to built-in storage spaces to ....? Or we can make you a very plain and simple foundation, which you can then inhabit in your own way. It's up to you.