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Obydlo for senior lady

Our first completed realization of a turnkey house from the project, through the construction to the terrace and latrine.
Realization date

January - August 2021


External dimensions: 8.2 x 3.2 m, height at ridge 385 cm

Covered terrace: 8 x 3 m


We created the home for a senior lady according to the client's needs. She wanted year-round living on her property, with a spacious terrace, sleeping on the ground floor, a full kitchen and bathroom, with a dry toilet outside the house. The limitation of the gable roof clearly emerged from the spatial plan.


During construction, we used natural materials wherever possible. We made an exception only for elements that are necessary for the perfect functioning of the house and do not have a suitable natural alternative. 

  • hemp and wood fiber insulation

  • spruce and pine boards treated with natural oils

  • ash floor and kitchen worktop

  • clay plaster as a fireproof board behind the stove

  • wooden windows from a custom carpenter

Turnkey contract

The client wanted us to arrange everything. So we excavated and laid connections, provided transport, installed filters for the water pump, provided ecological waste water disposal and built a terrace on the site.

Technical properties
  • insulation: floor 16 cm mineral wool, walls 14 cm hemp insulation, roof 20 cm wood fiber insulation

  • heat loss at -15°C 1800W (approximately the power of a kettle)

  • heating with a Jotul stove, alternative heating with a direct heater and a ladder in the bathroom

  • hot water heating 120l boiler from Dražice

  • all wooden elements in the interior treated with natural oils and waxes

  • larch wood terrace without treatment

  • fireburned spruce facade, untreated


We build all our obydlos taylored to the client's needs, so the price data is only valid as indicative information relating to this particular house.

Construction: EUR 44 000

Interior: EUR 18 000

Total: EUR 62 000 incl. VAT*

*not included in the price : connections, foundations, transport and terrace with pergola, which are always directly dependent on the specific plot


Are you interested in photos of construction and transport ? Check out our Facebook, it's all there :-)

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