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Our philosophy

Tailored. Natural materials. Exquisite details. Quality craftsmanship. Minimalism. A sustainable lifestyle.

We enjoy work.

Custom design

Living in a small space means that not everything can fit in it. In our designs, however, we try to fit everything you really need into your home. Filip is a professional architect who will expertly guide you through clarifying your needs and then propose one or more versions of the study from which you can choose.

We will design obydlo tailored to your budget so that it meets your needs and at the same time you can afford it. You can even do some of the work yourself to save money and enjoy building a house yourself.

Quality craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is what we enjoy most of all. We experience many "small" moments of great joy when something fits together nicely and cleanly. And we give it unwavering attention too. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to the sawmill with a piece of decking 5 times before it fits exactly as we imagine :-).

We do not compromise on quality . The steamtight foils should be tight and without holes, so we will also cover each screw hole. The insulation should be everywhere, but it must not be crumpled, so we fluff it up nicely and add just the right amount. And so it goes throughout whole construction process.

Natural materials

We love wood and other natural materials, and we believe that living in a home made from them is the highest standard you can achieve. That's why we use natural materials in our buildings wherever possible.

Exquisite details

Filip is a professional architect, so he can calculate everything. Thanks to his work, obydlo always has refined details, both design and technical . We pay full attention to the perfect solution of details from the point of view of construction physics so that the building is functional and pleasant for life in the long term.

Moreover, in our opinion, beauty and simplicity come from the processing of details. It is often time consuming, but we believe it is worth it.


We understand minimalism in life means that we want to have a minimum of things, but exactly the right ones. In our designs, we try to start from simple shapes, colors and materials that are beautiful in themselves. No frills, nothing extra, but again - everything you need. The basis is beauty based on the functionality of the object or space.

A sustainable lifestyle

We believe that living with respect for our environment is the way to permanent sustainability and, in our case, also to satisfaction. We both come from the city, but we have already done the well-known "trip from the city". It brought us to a beautiful and peaceful rural environment that recharges us.

We want to help other people to this lifestyle, because we believe that this is the path leading to a long-term sustainable society and satisfaction.

We enjoy work

Seriously. Trust us. Sometimes we feel like little boys with a lot of toys. True, not all activities that need to be done (like creating a website :-)) are so fulfilling and joyful, but overall it is simply a joy. After all, we make homes. Or cottages. Spaces in which people feel good. And most importantly... we do it with our own hands. And that's the best part!

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