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Mini obydlo

Ready to be shipped

It will serve as a cosy cottage in nature, a practical garden office or a minimalist home for one. 
Realisation date

November 2021 - June 2022


External dimensions of the house: 5.13 x 3.35 m, height 3,9 m


In our opinion, the weekend obydlo has 3 basic possibilities of use. As a weekend cottage for up to 4 visitors, as a garden office, therapy or massage space or full-fledged living for one person. We planned it with the idea of placing it in nature, so we assume that we will complete it with a proper terrace and possibly add a separate toilet.


During construction, we used natural materials wherever possible. We made an exception only for elements that are necessary for the perfect functioning of the house and do not have a suitable natural alternative. 

  • wood fiber insulation

  • spruce boards treated with natural oils

  • oak floor, kitchen worktop and other accessories

  • wooden windows from a custom carpenter

Turnkey contract

You can take the obydlo as it is and arrange everything else yourself. If you want, we will be happy to make the foundations and connections for you, arrange transport and build the terrace exactly according to your wishes.

Technical specification
  • insulation: floor 16 cm mineral wool, walls 10 cm wood fiber insulation, roof 20 cm wood fiber insulation

  • heating with a built-in Haas & Sohn fireplace insert, alternative heating with an infrared radiator

  • 65 l hot water boiler with rapid heating

  • all wooden elements in the interior treated with natural oils and waxes

  • larch wood facade without treatment (we can treat it with oil on request)

Interior description

In obydlo, we believe in what we do. We have personal experience with living in small spaces. Thanks to this, the layout is designed so variably that it provides support, no matter what your life is like. The central place of the house is a sofa with a view in two directions and the fireplace stove. When the seat is not unfolded, there is at least 2 x 2 m space for exercise. All parts of the furniture are built-in, so that the space looks minimalistic and is as practical as possible. There is a hanger and a shoe rack at the entrance. The main storage area includes the living wall: a hanger bar, practical drawers, shelves for clothes and seasonal items.

There is a folding table by the balcony door, which makes the space literally universal. It can serve as a workplace with a garden view. On another occasion, you can use it as a dining table for 3. You can store work equipment in the space behind the folded table: a monitor, art supplies and folding chairs. Thanks to the ingenious design, the legs fold down and the table looks like part of the cabinet when closed.

We have discussed the layout of the kitchen in detail and we think it will please you. The main work area is 90 cm wide and there are additional storage areas around it. There is a gas cooker and a ceramic sink with a pull-out water tap. There is plenty of storage space thanks to the tall cabinet built into the bathroom wall. The drawers hold all the necessary little things, and the bottom hides the trash cans. You can hang recipes, shopping lists and messages on the magnetic surface or write them directly on it with chalk


Under the roof is a sleeping floor with space for a 180 x 220 cm mattress. The entrance to the floor is via a ladder, which is disguised as a shelf. Above is a storage area for clothes or books. When sleeping, you can ventilate through the window directly on the floor. By the bed, there is a light control in the main area so that everyone can find their way to rest. A shower corner with a cast marble bathtub, glass door and beautiful ceramic tiling will also help you relax.

68 000 EUR

Come and see for yourself ! Call Aleš and we can arrange a visit at any time :-)

+420 775 121 521


Come and see for yourself ! Call Aleš and we can arrange a visit at any time :-)

+420 775 121 521

Are you interested in photos of construction? Check out our Facebook page, it's all there :-)

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